We are your virtual CIO, your world-class engineering team & your rapid response help desk.

Light a Rocket under your IT

It's no joke when technology lets you down. Hours wasted. Deadlines missed. Angry clients. But it doesn't have to be that way. Get in touch:
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Need an enterprise-class Mac Management & Reporting solution? We built Sal+ just for you!


We're the IT Brains

We're here to iron out your IT issues and help you understand how to get the right technology for your business, so you can get on with the important stuff.

The team knows how to make Macs play nice with PCs, keep servers serving and make networks work.


We understand the pressure, the deadlines and why it's vital everything works, every time. Our team of helpdesk engineers and certified consultants are on hand to advise, fix and keep everything running smoothly. Give us the keys to your IT and we'll do you proud.


Pick 'n' mix is for sweets. Off-the-peg is for suits. Our proven, trusted and reliable solutions are tailored to your needs. We know the technology that creative and innovative companies need and can help you build a strong foundation for your business.


Tick, tock, tick, tock. If you bill clients for your time, that's the sound of wasted money. And it's why we move fast, solving problems in a flash so you're ready to rock when you most need it.


Breaking the ice

If you give us the nod, we'll come and learn everything we can about your business. From people, processes and problems – we want to know it all.

Putting out fires

While we're getting to know you, we'll use our crack skills to take care of any issues you're struggling with. Servers smoking? Render farm rendered useless? Step away from the keyboard – we'll take it from here.

Covering new ground

Cliché alert: it's about to get ‘big picture’. While we're great at solving problems, we're just as good at helping you make good IT decisions, plan a budget and prepare for that important project.

Story was founded in 2006 by Seb and Toby, when it was just the two of them (and lots of cups of tea). They were passionate about helping businesses make the most of technology and so built up a small, hand-picked team of experts.

Since then we've moved offices a few times, spun off a development company, pebble {code}, and built up enviable expertise. We're Infrastructure Aficionados, Server Supremos and Nuts about Networks. Most importantly, we're a friendly team with a start-up mentality and fierce passion for what we do.

Join us!

If you've got the moves, let's talk. We're always looking to hire the brightest and best. Our current vacancies are here but don't wait for a position to be listed – if you think pebble needs you, drop us a line and tell us why. If you're a recruiter, well… we'll call you. +44 20 3327 1081 London

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